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Achille Castiglioni
"Gli oggetti devono fare compagnia"
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leonardo da vinci
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication
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Achille Castiglioni
"Bisognerebbe progettare partendo da quello che non si deve fare"
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Don Draper
"Make it simple, but significant"
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Achille Castiglioni
"Meno di così non si può fare"
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Dieter Rams
"Good design is as little design as possible"
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Alvar Aalto
"Beauty is the harmony of function and form"
Achille Castiglioni, Dieter Rams, Alvar Aalto… are some of the designers I owe the most. They always give me inspiration and discipline. I pay some homage to them in this little slider.

2023 Maj: GEMMA e XYLO
On the occasion of the Interzum fair in Cologne together with our friends from Metalmeccanica Alba we present the Gemma and Xylo collection.
Two seating families with a great choice of varisnti and colors.
Gemma, a plastic monocoque and Xylo, made of multilayer wood.
Take a look here, GEMMA, XYLO.

2022 June: FOLIO
I am very happy to have joined the Crassevig family with the product Folio.
I had the possibility to design a tables family with a great attention to the enviroment.
The Crassevig Family are very positive and i felt very good discussing together about the project.

2021 November: MARTIN
After several years i decided to back to the first love, the office world, armchairs and soft materials.
This was possible because my long date friend Daniele Gollinucci ask me to design a new collectrion of seats, execuvite, manager, operative, visitor version.
I taked the bouncing ball and after some glasses of good Pignoletto wine in the beatifull Emilian hill, we did the initial breef.
Take a look to the MARTIN collection.

2021 November: WOOW FAMILY
During this year a friend call me with a special request, after some coffe we dicided to start with the WOOW family project/promise.
The promise consist to produce and resell product to help our children to combine the new technologic era with a correct position of the body, to prevent  backache, to help concentration, and introduce in the houses some design complememts and a new life style.
So, many words to reccomend you to visit the website woowfamily and the connected socials.
In my site you can visit the product VERBA and BINKA for a quick view of the concept.

2021 September: site updated and some news.
– After a long period i had time to update the website.
– I’m very exited to inform you about some my projects moved to the ZANABONI company, for me is a great satisfaction!
– The collaborations with MAYER sitzmöbel company come day by day stronger, in this update i show you a very nice project called MYduo.
– Another two product i love are CABARET and BURLESQUE, a solid wood coat hanger and a family of mirrors designed for Sculptures Jeux.
Take a look to the new products.
– I hope to show you soon also the WOOW FAMILY projects.. and others, and others, and others..